Revo Guitar Straps are not your ordinary guitar strap. then again, I am not sure they’re made for ordinary players. Who wears them? Just scan their artist page and you won’t see any ordinary players listed. To name a few, Zac Brown, Ziggy Marley and Carlos Santana all wear Revo. There must be something to them, right?

I was able to get my hands on the Solano Rosewood strap and have it on several guitars for a few weeks. I was not sure about it. A guitar strap made of rosewood? How will this thing work, feel, hold up to extreme weather and age? 

As far as the comfort level of the Solano, it surprisingly comfortable. The polymer coated rosewood keeps it smooth and never clenching your shirt. The braided cord method of linking the pieces of rosewood allow it to contour well on your back. It feels nearly like a tool to massage your shoulders at times…..which is useful on long gigs. I have yet to use Solano and miss my typical leather or fabric straps.

I will say this, Revo straps, may be built to last and are ding proof. However, they are made out of rosewood and when taking the guitar off your back, be careful the not let the strap smack into your guitar. I think these straps are definitely for the player that wants something cool, comfortable, with just the right amount of character. These straps are something to be proud of and not something to be flung around on your beater guitar. These straps were made to be on big stages, with expensive guitars and used by musicians you would never describe as ‘ordinary’.

Just one man’s opinion.

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