Programmable loopers…..putting one on your pedalboard seems like a great idea. Well, of course, then you actually have to wire it up, program it and hope that there is space left on your board for your pedals.


Flex Reaction’s Compound 88 is one of the few, if not the only programmable looper that you can program without requiring a PHD in rocket surgery to understand how to program.

I’ll show you.

With each of the 8 foot switches, you have 8 dip switches. Each dip switch correlates with a pedal in one of the loops. To pass a pedal through your signal, just toggle up and there it is! You can choose any combination of effects to be applied to your signal with a single click of a switch. This changes the game for the player that needs 3 to 4 to 8 different sounds on a set.


Here is the other innovation of Compound 88. IT IS SMALL! It is small, but powerful. I can’t find another programmable loop station at this size on the market. The only snag you may run into is if you use patch cables with pancake plugs. Those can cause a traffic jam fast.

Built with a Buffered or Non Buffered input, is great option to have, when you have certain fuzz pedals that just don’t play well with buffered signal paths. 

This is my current gigging board. Compound 88 makes gigging easy. Not to mention, the board I am using is also the Earth 22 by by Flex Reaction.

I love this board. The slots are easy to fit cables through and I also can comfortably fit two voodoo lab power supplies to power my pedals. It is light weight and durable and has been the easiest pedal I have owned in years. I imagine my pedals will live on Earth 22 for some time.


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