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Copperpeace Homerun Guitar Strap – Gear Talk

The mark of a great strap is that there shouldn’t be a mark at all. I love for my straps to move easily on my body (but not too easily), to have an even weight distribution so that long gigs don’t leave me with too much shoulder fatigue, and that the straps hold up under a good amount of stress. This seems like a tall order for a strap but if I’m sacrificing money that could be going towards a new pedal on a piece of leather, it needs to be up to snuff.

In comes the Copperpeace Homerun strap using high quality North American hides made in the grand ol’ US of A. The first test of this beautiful, durable leather strap was to fold it in half and smack it together. After hearing the satisfying SNAP resound through the room, I knew it was time to throw it on my tele. As with any new leather strap it took a second to fit around the strap pegs but in no time I was comfortably set in height and ready to roll. The length adjustments are made easily with the common two piece leather slit method. I thread mine on the third opening and it rests comfortably at my waist.  The smooth underside of the strap is made with “garment leather” according to the website and it stays in place well but moves with me as I need.


I never worry too much about picks, but the little pocket on the front of the strap makes a convenient place to have my pick within arms reach in case I drop a pick in the middle of a set. Just to test it out during practice, I intentionally do it: I drop a pick. All of the unpredictable things I predicted happened: as the solo approaches I drop my pick and it bounces on the corners in no normal way, leading the small piece of plastic into Narnia. Without fail, my spare pick sits in the pocket as if to say “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play. Today.” The best and worst part is that nobody else noticed. Fluid.

Overall, I can not think of anything I would change; however, coming in at $98 puts it a little out of the price range of most straps I would typically consider. Granted the quality is on par with straps in the $150-200 ballpark. Maybe, though, this puts it at the perfect price range for a holiday gift from a family member who you know has some spare cash.